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K.A.D. Autodienst

K.A.D. Autodienst

Vehicle Service Workshop
– Paderborn-Sennelager

We would like to take this opportunity in welcoming you to our highly equipped and TÜV certified vehicle workshop, where our services range from the most basic tyre change through to the complete accident repair on both
bodywork and engine.

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About us

K.A.D. Vehicle Service Workshop - Paderborn-Sennelager

Vehicle Inspections and Repairs

If you have a problem with your vehicle and you need it to be sorted quickly and efficiently then K.A.D. is where to be.

We are somewhere where you can come and talk without any hassle or stress. Our boss and chief mechanic, Karl Webber, is a master vehicle mechanic registered with the chamber of crafts and has over 15 years of experience and is backed by the whole family.

The service K.A.D. provides services from tyre changes to complete accident repair.

K.A.D. car-service, team

We will always do our best to take on the most basic of repairs right through to the most extreme accident damaged.

We only replace parts that are required to be replaced and then only after speaking to you first, the parts are always original or of the same quality standard. Our tyre service includes checking, changing and fitting to your wheels.

The K.A.D. workshop combines both modern technological equipment with the older traditional forms, this way we can offer a fast and reliable fault diagnosis and vehicle service.

Whether it is your new car straight from the production line or your 'Pride of Joy' classic that requires some restoration, your vehicle will always be in the right hands with us.

Our Customer Guarantee: Your peace of mind is our priority!

Our friendly and experienced team will listen to your advice about any worries or concerns you may have and with our individual specialists we can carry out your repairs accordingly.

Our careful, clean and high quality of work is second to none and that way you can be assured your car is in the best hands.

With us you will have a friendly, stress free and no fuss service. Call or pop in for a visit with K.A.D. and let us help you.

Our Service to you

Overview of the K.A.D. Services offered:

We can offer you and extensive services list from tyre changing to Climate control service and from Road worthiness inspections to accident repairs and maintenance.

Whatever your concern is, make it our concern and we will get on with it as quickly as possible!

Tel. +49 52 54 - 93 49 20

Accident-damage & bodywork repair

When a vehicle has been involved in an accident there is normally a lot of damage. However, with the right proficiency and knowledge this can be sorted out quickly.

Should the damage only be minor then this can be sorted locally with cost saving smart repairs, however major damage would need to start with an assessors report, we can arrange this and keep a watchful eye over all proceedings thereafter, ensuring your vehicle is always in the most capable of hands.

Vehicle Inspections & Spares

Servicing does not just mean checking the levels! Your vehicle is checked with the latest equipment so as to ensure it is running to its best ability. Make and model do not play a role as we deal with all marks and brands here at K.A.D.

Whatever you concern, from Suspension to Electrics or brakes to oil changes, K.A.D concerns itself with everything. Regular inspections and top quality parts will ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

Wheels & Tyres

Its that time of year again to swap/change the tyres, summer to winter, winter to summer or maybe your tyres are simply just worn down. With our complete tyre service we can offer you a vast range specific to your vehicle, and should you also be interested in new rims, we can help you with this too, whether it be new alloys or smart steels.

Road Worthiness & Emission Inspections

Is it time again for your vehicles road worthiness and exhaust emissions check! Bring it to us and we can take care of this for you, or course all inspections are carried out by a fully certified TÜV inspector.

Air Conditioning Service

Whether it is the winter for misty windscreens or the summer for cool refreshing air, your air conditioner or climate control keeps it the way you want it, if it is fully functional. Our Air Con service ensures your filters are changed and chemical coolants are topped up as required.

Vehicle Fault Diagnosis

Thanks to our specialist diagnostic equipment we can analyze your vehicle, fault find and treat accordingly. We can also prepare your car for any inspection that may be forthcoming, be it Main, TÜV or exhaust emission. You can always feel comfortable here with us.

Classic Restoration

If your concern is classic restoration then we are the people to speak to. We have extensive and long term experience with collectors pieces and the necessary diligence from us ensures the original beauty and shine is extracted from your classic.

Front, Rear & Fog Lights

See and be seen! The correct functionality of your lights is paramount for road safety when travelling, whether it is day or night time. Replacement lens and bulbs, along with right or left hand lights can be sourced here, and with our in house fitting you can be assured that the next inspection will not be a failure.

Accessories, Spares & Special Requests (Rims etc)

It is your vehicle, and how it looks is up to you! The accident repairs have been carried out but it is missing that certain appeal. So whether you feel it needs new alloys or steels, you would like a different colour or just a little pimping is required, speak with us and we will assist as we can.

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  • K.A.D. Autodienst
  • Karl Webber
  • Otto-Hahn Straße 7
  • 33104 Paderborn-Sennelager
  • Germany
+49 52 54 - 93 49 20
+49 52 54 - 93 49 21

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8:30 am - 5:30 pm
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